Hello December

And I thought it might be a good date to begin my first blogpost.

I’ve always been thinking about setting up a blog about my bakings. I dare not say I’m good, but I’m definitely learning and exploring. “Red” is always the auspicious color for the Chinese, so….. *drum roll*

The first blogpost shall begin with the Red Velvet Cupcakes!

Red velvet cupcakes have been pretty popular or even famous recently, from nothing to something that every Singaporean would have heard of and would like to try tasting/making them. I once baked a red velvet whole cake, I’m not a fan of colorings and the coloring used for it was really heavy. It took me quite a while to bring myself to trying making it again, this time in the form of cupcakes.

red velvet cupcake

This cupcake recipe I’ve used have a really soft and velvety texture! Unlike some cupcakes you have in the market, it tends to have a pound cake-like texture, heavy and dense. The frosting is a little wet but not sweet at all. It’s amazing.

I really wish to share this recipe, bad news is I lost the URL to where I adapted the recipe from :(

To make up for that, I’m sharing this recipe from the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York written in one of my favorite baking blogs.



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